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Outgassing Test - Applications

The Material Outgassing Characterization test was initially developed to assist the microelectronic and optoelectronic component manufacturers. However, its broad scope of application makes it a powerful tool to address the needs of a larger community.

The study and prevention of problems that may occur during product life are of utmost interest and each element may require a detailed evaluation such as :

  • Getter efficiency
  • Epoxy cure cycle
  • Adhesive moisture content
  • Hydrogen desorption from Kovar packages and Au/Ni plating
  • Raw material outgassing
  • Chemical reaction by-products
  • Bake out studies

Screen material performance and compatibility to select suitable products.

Compare suppliers for material performance and preparation (i.e. : adhesives cure cycle, ...).

Characterize the stability of materials under thermal stress (i.e. : curing, burn-in, thermal cycling, environmental tests, ...).

Trace failure sources by knowing the outgassing signature of each material present in the cavity of a device.

For detailed information, read the Outgassing Characterization with Glass Ampoules article.

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