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IVA - Applications

The IVA™ test method proves to be a powerful multipurpose technique which addresses the needs of high-technology industries :

Microelectronic - Space - Defence : Integrated Circuit, Hybrid, Relay, Multi-Chip Module
IC, Hybrid, Relay, MCM

Optoelectronic - Telecom : Laser Pump and Diode, Optical Switch, Wavelenght Dense Multiplexer, Charge Coupled Device
Laser Pump and Diode, Optical Switch, WDM, CCD

Frequency : Oscillator, Quartz
Oscillator, Quartz

Medical : Pacemaker, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Vials (Bulk Material, Drug)
Pacemaker, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Vials (Bulk Material, Drug)

Lighting - Illumination : Light Bulb, Lamp Ampoule
Light Bulb, Lamp Ampoule

Gas Containers : Gas Collection Bottles, Cylinders
Gas Collection Bottles, Cylinders

The IVA™ Test is an unvaluable Research & Development and Process Control Tool. The information provided assists engineers in building products that meet quality standard requirements. The in-depth analysis of the IVA report data is broad in scope and addresses the following reliability issues :

Seal Integrity There are many hermeticity failure patterns and not all of them are detectable by standard leak tests. The IVA test can confirm the presence of a leak and help to understand when and where it occured. For example, specific phenomena like One Way Leakers can be identified.

Humidity Concentration Oxidation, electrical leakage, metallic migration, ... an excess of humidity (>5 000 ppm limit) can be detrimental to the device reliability. Coming from outside or generated inside the package, moisture is a well known failure agent and is the single most important substance to monitor. IVA analysis can provide a precise reading of moisture concentration.

Sealing Gas Composition and Purity It is important to monitor the sealing atmospheres (dry boxes, sealing ovens, etc...) to determine purity and mixed gas proportions. For example the Nitrogen/Helium mixture of a dry box can be monitored.

Cleaning Process Effectiveness Presence of manufacturing process residues, fluxes or solvents can be the consequence of a poor cleaning process.

Material Stability Materials used in component assembly are not chemically passive and reactions may occur with Moisture, Hydrogen or Oxygen to generate undesirable species. Other materials may not support elevated temperatures (such as burn-in test) and are decomposed. The IVA test measures reaction by-products and outgassed organics. To discriminate mixed material outgassing species in a package and to identify their origin, the IVA test method can be assisted by Outgassing Studies and GC/MS.

Additional examples are discussed in the Interpretation of RGA Data article.

The IVA Test is also a Support & Quality Assurance Tool :

Failure Analysis

Research & Development

Process Control

Incoming Inspection

Final Product Qualification

Industrial Packaging : Blister, Mylar Bags, Modified Atmosphere Packaging
Blister, Mylar Bags, MAP

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